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Tourist guide


Antonella Canalis foto ritratto di Piero Pes If you came to visit my wonderful Gallura, you could walk along it accompanied by a breath of wind and enjoy the sun that deepens its light on things; the unripe aroma of myrtle in bloom would inebriate you with an unknown pleasure and the whirlwind of its colors would force your eyes to look, as if it were the first time. Immense red cork trees give shade to dampen the heat and the stazzi scattered in the countryside, a hospitality never forgotten ... the generous wine of the vineyards would fill your thirst and, if you hear a distant music, it could be the harmonious voice of the song that blooms spontaneously in the mouth of many. The wind will transport you among the most beautiful beaches surrounded by strawberry tree forests that already smell of honey, to the Valley of the Moon among bizarre forms of granite: then they will be eyes, faces and breasts inviting ... you will have witnessed a birth without time ... because only time belongs to this land. If you leave... you will leave Gallura with regrets and smiles... ...vowing to come back and savor the warmth of an embrace.

Thanks to its location so close to the beautiful beaches of Gallura and Costa Smeralda, the Bed and Breakfast Nuvole offers its guests the classic seaside holiday. But even those who are looking for the solitude of the uncontaminated landscapes of the mountains, inaccessible places, archaeological sites and places of artistic interest, find here in Olbia an ideal base.

Antonella, the owner of the bnb, is a qualified tourist guide with long experience and if free from other commitments can accompany you to the desired destinations.