Antonella Canalis portrait photo of Piero Pes



The bed & breakfast Nuvole is prepared for the health emergency due to the Coronavirus in every respect. There is no danger of a massacre. The B & B can accommodate a few people at a time, no more than four, divided into two couples and each is reserved a room with private bathroom. The complete cleaning of the accommodation, sheets and towels is of course guaranteed as well as the keys to the room and the property. The rooms will be sanitized every time guests leave the structure at the end of their stay. The staff consists of only one person, the owner, who adopts the necessary devices to protect the guests (gloves, mask and visor). The general information can be transferred by message from your mobile phone.

The b&b is equipped with two opposite outdoor verandas so that breakfast (and dinner if required) will be served at the table in two different ale of the house. With unfavourable weather conditions the same will be prepared inside the structure in two distant environments.


Nuvole Bnb Logo I was very hesitant what name to give my b&b...
at that moment I listened to a song by Fabrizio De Andre' from the album: Le nuvole, and I reread the introduction poem that read: they go... they come... sometimes they stop... they go ... they go... they come... they come back and they stop for several days...
I thought that my guests would be like that, like those clouds and it would be nice, in memory of Fabrizio who so loved our land, especially Gallura where he chose to live, to call my b&b Nuvole.